Goal No Coal @ Heart of Nature for COP26
November 2021, [online]
Instagram Reel. 0:59

Hedgerow Poetry and Action

June 2021, Northampton


Goal No Coal

December 2020, Watlington

Two colour screen print on aged newsprint, 480 x 480mm

Thatcher the Visionary Eco-Warrior

June 2019, Northampton

Digital print on Somerset Soft-White, 297 x 420mm

If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It

24th April 2018, City of London, London

Video Screening on Mobile Digital Backlit Advertising Van

Embodiment of Trauma

24th April 2018, Royal Exchange, London

Live performance 5 minutes 32 seconds


June 2017, Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes

Single-channel video. 2:44