Artist Statement

I work with a broad range of mediums which include video, sculpture, performance, installation, print, and most recently, making and painting with natural pigments.  I’m an artist who uses the medium which best expresses the idea driving the work.  In some cases I produce site-specific works whereby the choice of medium is responsive to the site.  I enjoy this flexibility within my practice. 

I use a process of embodiment within my work whereby the physical response to a piece inspires the outcome.  For example, with video, this involves performance-inspired composition and editing, and this produces an outcome of a visceral nature.  The embodiment of trauma has driven my performance work, and this has in turn led me to turn my focus on the trauma of the planet and to begin working with natural pigments.  Currently I am working on an installation which includes the unusual ready-made of a hedge and a series of seasonal paintings from watercolour paints I’ve made from local hedgerows.  Embodying time, this series of paintings will bring together four seasons in one room, the composition of which has been inspired by taking part in a local parish hedgerow survey.  This project allows the mapping of the environment in abstract form through a precise connection to the landscape and its’ boundaries.

The thematic current through my work is time.  I work with the time-based medium of video, time-specific performance, and ephemeral materials within sculpture such as latex and within painting, time-sensitive plant-based pigments.  It’s a playful engagement which sits on the boundary between unpredictability and control.  More specifically my practice focuses on temporal liminality; the time of the betwixt and the between, which stems from my own lived experience of a bomb’s vacuum and extends to include the tipping point of the climate crisis.  I address the perceptions of time during a liminal phase and play with altering these perceptions.  As an example, for the hedgerow project, natural plant-based pigments have been frozen to preserve time thus allowing different seasons to be portrayed at any time and the rhythm of time to be manipulated.  This stems from the idea that by feeling time differently, embodied responses to my work could bring about new ways of thinking regarding climate change.





Goal No Coal, December 2020, Watlington Town Hall, Watlington.

Two colour screenprint on aged newsprint, 480 x 480mm.  Image size 380 x 380mm.



Thatcher the visionary eco-warrior, June 2019, Northampton.

Digital print on Somerset Soft-White 300gsm, 297mm x 420mm.



If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, April 2018, London.

Video Screening on Mobile Digital Backlit Advertising Van.


If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, April 2018, London.

Live performance, Embodiment of Trauma, 24th April 2018.


Hyperattention, June 2017, Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes.

Single-channel video. 2:44.




FREERANGE – Group Exhibition at Freerange, London, 2018

If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, 2018, London

Single-channel Video.  Length 15:24


FORECAST – Group Exhibition at Delapre Abbey, Northampton, 2017

Doors Gone Past, 2017, Northampton

Sculpture – Reclaimed Doors from World War 2 Offices & Print


SCULPTURE AT LAMPORT HALL – Group Exhibition at Lamport Hall, Northampton, 2017

Hybrid, 2017, Northampton

Sculpture – Washing Machine, Latex & Fibreglass

Absence, 2016, Northampton

Sculpture – Plaster & Found Object










I finished my dissertation entitled, ‘Using the work, If I Hear a Loud Bang, I’ll Count to 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It (2018) by Jules Bishop as a prism, explore how embodiment through the medium of video art affects us in the ‘now”. The writing was divided into five chapters, Liminality, Embodiment, Sublime, Trauma …

JUNE 2019

We were all winners that night.  The efforts of so many admirable women were celebrated and, put them together in a group, it just leads to more progress.  I was on a table with women rowers who support youth groups coming through the ranks. The discussion lead to the Henley Woman’s Regatta, established in 1988 to …



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