Artist Statement

Firmly grounded within an eco-socio-political context, Jules Bishop’s artistic practice addresses the discourses of terror, trauma, and crisis. She applies a methodology of approaching her work using a prism of liminality.  Her practice has evolved, with versatility, to encompass a multitude of different mediums including sculpture, video, performance, and installation.  

Initially informed by a close personal relationship with acts of terror, Bishop has diversified her inquiries to encompass notions of liminality on a broader scale.  Her particular research interest and studio practice focus on agency during the liminal moment.  The urgency and agency of the climate crisis, mirror, in a contemporary temporal view of eco-aesthetics, the Duchampian-Burdenesque definition of the ‘inframince’ (the ultrathin) moment.  Marcel Duchamp described this as, that moment between the sound of a gun being fired and seeing the mark of the bullet appear on a target.  To Bishop, this defines the same ‘ultrathin’ moment of a vacuum as a bomb goes off.  To the planet, this liminal period of the ‘betwixt and between’, is now.  Her current enquiry poses the question of agency before the ‘tipping point’ and the place of no return.





Goal No Coal : Not Bigger Than Us

Details of a project addressing climate change which had to be abandoned due to the weather…



If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, April 2018, London.

Video Screening on Mobile Digital Backlit Advertising Van.


If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, April 2018, London.

Live performance, Embodiment of Trauma, 24th April 2018.


Hyperattention, June 2017, Westbury Arts Centre, Milton Keynes.

Single-channel video. 2:44.




FREERANGE – Group Exhibition at Freerange, London, 2018

If I Hear A Loud Bang, I’ll Count To 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It, 2018, London

Single-channel Video.  Length 15:24


FORECAST – Group Exhibition at Delapre Abbey, Northampton, 2017

Doors Gone Past, 2017, Northampton

Sculpture – Reclaimed Doors from World War 2 Offices & Print


SCULPTURE AT LAMPORT HALL – Group Exhibition at Lamport Hall, Northampton, 2017

Hybrid, 2017, Northampton

Sculpture – Washing Machine, Latex & Fibreglass

Absence, 2016, Northampton

Sculpture – Plaster & Found Object









JUNE 2019

We were all winners that night.  The efforts of so many admirable women were celebrated and, put them together in a group, it just leads to more progress.  I was on a table with women rowers who support youth groups coming through the ranks. The discussion lead to the Henley Woman’s Regatta, established in 1988 to …

MARCH 2019

25 years ago, I was in the cordoned off area when the IRA Bishopsgate bomb went off.  It killed one person, caused extensive damage and was the catalyst to much societal change.  I embarked on a project to mark the anniversary of this life changing event.  I started by revisiting the site.  It bought up …