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  • Ink, Pigment and Paint

    Ink, Pigment and Paint

    Photos from my two March workshops, pigment made from felled material from the West Meadow hedgerow rejuvenation project in Watlington. Dried over the winter, hawthorn berries, ivy berries, sloe berries and mistletoe were made into inks, pigments and watercolour paints.  Autumn colours on a spring day.  Using the leftover paint on the muller slabs and […]

  • Research Project

    Latest update of current project with the University of Oxford and Watlington Climate Action Group – STORC (Science Together: Oxford Researchers and Communities).  

  • Tandem I & II

    Two of Jules’ ice-process drawings, Tandem I & II (2021), were exhibited during COP-26.  Jules started working with natural inks and pigments over lockdown and developed a unique way of working with the inks, freezing them to preserve vibrancy, and creating ice-process drawings using different substrates.  Jules sets up the work and then facilitates the […]

  • JULY 2021

    New works in progress for the upcoming ‘From The Ground Up: Stories of Climate Action’ exhibition taking place at The Old Fire Station in Oxford from August 28th to October 9th 2021.  It brings together a celebration of 20 years of the Community Action Group (CAG) Oxfordshire project, a network of almost 100 grassroots community […]

  • JUNE 2021

    ‘Waving in Place’ was an International Group Collaboration orchestrated by Tilke Elkins, founder of the Wild Pigment Project, and Jason Logan, founder of the Toronto Ink Company, which took place during the Pigments Revealed Symposium June 16-19th 2021.  Over 100 pigment practitioners from all over the world came together and we created a revolutionary flag […]

  • MAY 2021

    The feedback was great.   900 people over the course of 9 days at Watlington ArtWeeks.  I met and chatted with as many as possible.  I met a man who works with stained glass and who was extremely excited that he’s got a pokeberry plant in his garden.  It gives a bright pink and is […]

  • AUGUST 2020

    I finished my dissertation entitled, ‘Using the work, If I Hear a Loud Bang, I’ll Count to 10 Slowly Then Walk Towards It (2018) by Jules Bishop as a prism, explore how embodiment through the medium of video art affects us in the ‘now”. The writing was divided into five chapters, Liminality, Embodiment, Sublime, Trauma […]

  • MAY 2020

    Testing Handmade Inks   Video of me in action…     

  • JUNE 2019

    We were all winners that night.  The efforts of so many admirable women were celebrated and, put them together in a group, it just leads to more progress.  I was on a table with women rowers who support youth groups coming through the ranks. The discussion lead to the Henley Woman’s Regatta, established in 1988 to […]

  • MARCH 2019

    25 years ago, I was in the cordoned off area when the IRA Bishopsgate bomb went off.  It killed one person, caused extensive damage and was the catalyst to much societal change.  I embarked on a project to mark the anniversary of this life changing event.  I started by revisiting the site.  It bought up […]